How does The ExperienceBank do this?

We offer two clear pathways to support your career and personal development.

ExperienceBank’s two-pronged approach connects you with leading boutique consulting firms, premium professional and personal development providers and career coaches to help you transition and create change.

Consulting assignments

Access to “the hidden” consulting opportunity market in Australia.
Express interest in current or potential future consulting and contract opportunities with boutique consulting firms who are looking for people with your experience.

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Career support and personal growth

Confidential access to coaches and other professional and personal development services .
Find career and executive coaches, or training organisations who can help you evolve your career and transition your life in the way that is best for you.

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The ExperienceBank Events

Get exclusive access to The ExperienceBank events & seminars.
To help develop and support your transition and growth, The ExperienceBank will offer periodic events including interesting and relevant guest speakers.

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Key Features of The ExperienceBank

Access the hidden consulting market

The ExperienceBank pools together current and future opportunities from a select number of consulting firms in Australia. These opportunities are high quality and not able to be seen elsewhere.

Recommended assignments

The ExperienceBank recommendation tool automatically cross references current opportunities and makes recommendations based on your profile criteria.

Express interest in opportunities

Make contact with boutique Australian consulting firms and express interest in working with them.

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Personalised support recommendations

Find career and executive coaches who can help you evolve your career and transition your life in the way that is best for you.

Create a shortlist of support contacts

Have a list of personal and professional coaches to call on when you need help transitioning and making change.

The ExperienceBank Events

Monthly meetups, facilitated group sessions and conferences that help you to build experience, grow personally and professionaly.

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